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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The 3 F's

1. F for fasting - of course la... dah masuk hari ke-3 Ramadhan dah ni. Masih sabar dan tabah menghadapi dugaan zahir dan batin. Insya'Allah..... tp penat jugak...adei...saket kapla...

2. F for fieldwork - 1st day collect data, dapat cover 5 transects at west side of Carey Island. Carey Island was divided into west and east estate. Each transect line was length at least 500m. Most were 700m each. About 20 species of birds were recorded for today with 80 individuals. Ok la tu.... sebab hujan turun dari jam 10 pg lagi. Basah kuyup gakla...nak tak nak kena wat jugak data collection. Redah jer....

Black-naped Oriole/burung kunyit

Black-shouldered Kite/Helang tikus

White-brested Waterhen/ Ruak-ruak

Most of the birds that has been observed were from understorey type; which mean type of birds that lived or their habitats is under the canopy tree layer to the upper ground layer; the variation of songbirds, junglefowl and pheasent.

3. F for flu - aachum...srooot..sroot... what can I say...dah kena dah. Watery nose, red eyes, soar throat, heavy head....DEMAM SELESEMA!!
Can't get my hands off the tissue and towel...wa....srooot..sroot..

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