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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wedding Invitation

(Gelak sambil guling-guling lenggang kangkung)

Maka dengan ini, saya selaku Tuan Rumah ini blog, ingin mengisytiharkan bahawa, mulai dari 25 Februari 2009 hingga satu tarikh yang akan difikirkan kemudian, saya akan mengpasifkan diri dari segala kerja-kerja memblogging, bagi menumpukan perhatian kepada urusan pensiswazahan saya.

Dengan kata lain, aku tengah fokus untuk menyiapkan segala urusan penulisan thesis aku.


Sekian, terima kasih.

Berilmu, Berbakti

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What sort of bird are you?

Today it's been a quite 'boring' hectic day. So, I've decide to manage my e-mails, that seems too crowded with 'unread messages'. There's no interesting e-mails (just notification by Friendster, Facebook, Netlog etc.), since the attractive one has been read earlier. Suddenly I've found this old and dusty e-mail ('bout 4 years ago..), that must be unnoticed by me.. Silly me, poor Frul; my dearest friend that send this e-mail, while she studied in U.K.

This e-mail is about an ancient mythology and Celtic history that come up with personality traits of different birds, which can be compared with people. Let see, which type of birdie are you... ;p

21 Jan - 17 Feb

A cool exterior disguises a fiery temper and is very opinionated -although those opinions are not always shared by everyone. They are proud and particularly home-loving, although have a tendency to bequarrelsome.

18 Feb - 17 March

Goldfinch people are colourful characters who are sensitive and always alert. They are gregarious by nature and love being in groups of people, which offers them security. They need to find an outlet for their imaginative abilities or they are sometimes be in danger of becoming nervous and irritable.

18 March - 14 April

A powerful individual which displays courage and a sometimes ruthless determination. Avoids problematical obstacles with skill, although must be fully targeted so as not to waste energy in fruitless chases for the impossible.

15 April - 12 May

Has a tendency to have a mind that wanders, but when in search of a particular goal, will travel great lengths to achieve it. Occasionally, the albatross may become caught up in things it shouldn't when not seeing clearly enough.

13 May - 9 June

Peace-loving by nature, doves will bill and coo about things close to their heart. They enjoy a fulfilling love-life and rarely fail to satisfy. They are also patient, adaptable and personable. Their lack of aggression sometimes makes them the victim of more predatory characters.

10 June- 7 July

A well-respected figure which has excellent visionary qualities. Eagles will truck no nonsense and will fix opponents with a powerful stare. They have the power to rise above the trivial aspects of humanity, and are highly talented.

8 July- 4 August

More often heard before being seen, nightingales always have something to say for themselves. They are however very much in tune with their partners. Their unimpressive exterior hides a personality that is just waiting to burst out.

5 August - 1 Sept

Another flamboyant and colourful character that is always exciting to encounter. They rush around at great speed and have a close spiritual affinity with water. They have a sharp and perceptive head on them,but can make them impetuous enough to dive in where others would fear to go.

2 Sept - 29 Sept

The swan is a complex character. While appearing on the surface as a calm and relaxed individual, underneath they are working hard to keep up with the pace of modern life. If provoked their natural graceful demeanour can give way to a violent temper which puts them in a flap.They are definitely someone to have on your side. (Yup, that' right. It so true..huhuhu!!!)

30 Sept - 27 Oct

A tough, hard-working character with plenty of stamina. Has no problem drumming up support for their ideas, no matter how wacky they seem. With a lateral-thinking mind they are skilled at dissecting problems and seeing the wood for the trees. However, with their noisy and exuberant lifestyle, you might not want to have one as a neighbour.

28 Oct - 24 Nov

A sharp brain helps kestrel people hover from one subject to another without losing concentration. They focus on their life's goal with a single-minded focus, not flustered by what is going on around them. A confidence in their own ability helps them to soar to heights others may only dream of.

25 Nov - 23 Dec

Always impressive, raven people are a tower of strength. They are more intelligent than their appears and are a dept problem-solvers. They enjoy challenges are stimulated by wild and exposed places.

24 Dec - 20 Jan

Heron people are deceptive. Although they may be solitary individuals for much of the time, they nevertheless have a need to settle in busy communities where they know everyone else. They may get bogged down as they wade the course of life, but have broad enough shoulders to cope with weighty issues. But their insecure nature often leads them to fish for compliments.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Amali Silvikultur Hutan

Kesibukan mengejar aku akhir-akhir ini. Penat.... Minggu ni kena siapkan anaisis data sebab nak buat Committee Meeting secepat mungkin. Penasihat projek dah sound pasal benda ni. Aku hanya mampu mengiyakan saja kata-kata beliau.

Dalam waktu yang sama, aku masih lagi terikat dengan Graduate Research Fellowship (GRF), yang mewajibkan aku untuk menjadi pembantu pengajar a.k.a Demonstrator----> Demon#strator = aku..hehehe (dey, melalut dah ni). Hujung minggu yang lalu, berangkatlah aku ke Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve untuk membantu pengajaran amali luar subjek Silvikultur Hutan.
Perjalanan dengan menggunakan 4WD. huhu...dah naik taraf, dulu time student berjalan la aku dengan dua kaki. Jauh atau dekat semua kena redah. Skrang tidak lagi...muahaha..

Students yang ambil subjek ni. Ha!! Semenjak fakulti menuju ke arah ISO, skrang ni dah kena pakai topi 'hard hat' untuk masuk hutan. Ala-ala arkitek gitu.... Tujuannya adalah untuk safety. Memang la untuk safety, tapi praktikalkah? emmm..no komen...
Pensyarah subjek; Prof. Madya. Kapt. Dr. Mohd Zaki Hamzah, memberi penerangan mengenai plot-plot kajian Silvikultur. Senyap je bebudak ni...takut la tu.

Pemandangan di sekitar kawasan amali

Kelibat2 Fauna Yang Dijumpai Ketika Amali


Mereka yang terlibat

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Soalan Periksa

" Apa saya sedang buat?"

A. Tengah senyum kat makhluk berbulu tu

B. Tayang gigi-tengok gigi siapa yang lagi cantik

C.Nak cium (huhuhu....)

D. Nak bergaduh (beast vs. human)


E. Tiada jawapan di atas. (ngeh..ngeh..ngeh)


Binturong @ Musang Binturong @ Asian Bearcat atau nama saintifiknya Arctictis binturong adalah salah satu species hidupan liar yang yang hampir pupus. Binturong tergolong di dalam di dalam keluarga musang (Viverridae) adalah sejenis mamalia dan mempunyai taburan spesies di serata Asia; termasuk Malaysia. IUCN telah menyenaraikan Binturong sebagai Threatened(Terancam).

Binturong adalah sejenis haiwan malam /'nocturnal' dan boleh memanjat pokok untuk memakan buah, pucuk tumbuhan, daun dan telur burung. Ia juga memakan haiwan-haiwan kecil seperti tikus dan tupai. Salah satu keistimewaan haiwan tersebut, ia boleh memusingkan kaki belakangnya 180o supaya kukunya dapat mencengkam batang pokok ketika turun dari pokok (kepala turun dulu). Ekor Binturong mempunyai sejenis kelenjar bau (ada orang cakap macam bau popcorn panas....errr...)yang akan mengeluarkan bau untuk berkomunikasi atau menandakan kawasan.

Salah satu keunikan Binturong ni, ia akan mengeluarkan bunyi seperti ketawa mengekek/'chuckling' apabila ia berada dalam mood gembira dan mengeluarkan bunyi seakan jeritan yang kuat; 'high-pithed', apabila marah!!! So, jangan kacau or buat Binturong ni marah sebab apabila ia merasa terancam haiwan ini akan bertindak ganas. Beware!!