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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Change everything into this blog

Hola!!Que tal?? Since I did'nt write anything for a long time, it's quite hard to restart again. I've wrote in a few blogs before (lets count.. it's 2) about my life, my past journey, my research, poem and whatever other stuffs. So I've decided to manage all those things into this blog and it's much easier for me to handle one thing in a time and I don't have to remember a lot of log in passwords and profilier name (since I was a very 2 'pelupa' person). Thanks for viewing my blog and I hope all the readers (mostly my friends, of course) enjoy this blog for whatever things that I'm gonna write. Thank you...terima kasih...muchas gracias...merci...syukran jazilan...xie xie

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